House Extension Builders

Need more space in your home to accommodate your growing needs? Opt for extensions.

Extension, whether for kitchen or home, is a great idea; and if you choose the right builder and design, it can greatly add to the appeal of your house. Whether you have a single storey house or a double storey, our very talented home extension builders can take up project of any size and complete it on time.

If you wish to give a spin to your house and add some more space to it, loft conversion and home extension is a wonderful idea.

Our Quality Services are Worth Your Money

If you have decided to go for extension in your house, you need to find one of the best house extension builders; a builder whose work will be totally worthy of the hard earn money that you pay to them. JWI Builders, Harrogate, Yorkshire, has been one of the most trusted home extension builders of Harrogate. We have hundreds of happy and satisfied clients and that is what keeps us going.

House Extension Builders – Specialists at Your Service

Our experts have been building extensions since years now. Because the client’s taste and expectation are what matters the most to us, our first step is to sit with the client and listen to their ideas and expectations patiently and attentively. Our professionals then come up with a plan and get it approved by the client. Once the plan and design is approved, we get down to business. Our employees are highly professional and make sure that they don’t rope you in for anything. And with the help of our dedicated workers, we complete your extension work with perfection.

So, if you want to build an extension in your home, give us a call. We will be glad to assist you.